About Me


My name is Peter B. Steele and I am a self-taught photographer born and raised in Bedford, NY. I have a degree in Geology, which brought me to Boulder, Colorado 21 years ago.

For the past 20 years my personal assignment has been to photograph the beauty of nature.  My inspiration is the western landscape. This website is dedicated to sharing some of those special moments and places I have experienced and documented over the years.


My latest body of work titled Passion Scars Peace, Love and Happiness  documents the carving in aspen trees from Steamboat Springs to Telluride, Colorado.  I do not condone this act of “aspen graffito” and do not carve in trees.  I have enjoyed searching and documenting these scarred messages people have passionately expressed on the smooth canvas like bark of the aspen tree.  My collection consists of over 2000 “tattooed aspen” photographs  recorded while hiking hundreds of miles of trails throughout Colorado.To learn more about this body of work please visit www.passionscars.com.



Presently I am working on a unique product I call Solarography®. These fine art Solarography® pieces rise and set with the sun and appear to move with the clouds. This artwork is luminous, dynamic and durable they are designed to hang in windows without a view and use the sun to illuminate them. You can find out more information and see sample images at www.solarography.com.